Monday, January 23, 2012

Blaise Rustic Cottage

Blaise Rustic Cottage newly thatched
Her cottage, then a cheerful object, wore
Its customary look, - only, it seemed,
The honeysuckle, crowding round the porch,
Hung down in heavier tufts; and that bright weed,
The yellow stone-crop, suffered to take root
Along the window's edge, profusely grew,
Blinding the lower panes.

“The Ruined Cottage” – William Wordsworth

My Dear Guests,
I wish we could all go back a little ways in time (to 2006 I do believe) and see this cottage as it was in the picture above. The description of the photo reads:

“The roof is now green metal ... and I don't think it's inhabited any more. The wooden walls are also green, but coloured by nature.”
Here is the cottage with its renovations

Blaise Rustic Cottage November 2006
Blaise Rustic Cottage July 2008
Nevertheless, it is still very beautiful. There are so many details to be seen.

Blaise RusticCottage cladding July 2008
Blaise Rustic Lodge front July 2008
Blaise Rustic Cottage door detail July 2008
All photos of the cottage are by crabchick on flickr.
God Bless,

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