Friday, June 4, 2010

RE: La Fille Damnee


Good Friday to you Guests!

I have a belated post for you today, very late, very late indeed! I have an update to the post La Fille Damnee (), I now have the proper French-English translation. This is all thanks to Micheline. While it still might not be the exact translation because as Micheline explained to me in an email, her French is Canadian. The French in the song is from France. The two types of French are very close though, and will give a better understanding than the translation I provided you.

So once again, here is the translation of Cécile Corbel’s song “La Fille Damnee”

Dis moi combien, combien de deniers
Tell me how much, how much money
Forgeron, pour ferrer mon coursier
Blacksmith, to shoe my horse
C'est cinq sols, pour vous mon prince
It's five pounds, for you my prince
Seulement cinq sols et un dernier
Only five pounds and the last

J'etends chanter, j'entends chanter
I hear singing, I hear singing
La fille damnée, j'entends chanter
The damned girl, I hear singing
A la lune montante, j'etends l'oiseau chanter
To the rising moon, I hear the bird singing
Ma jolie, ma si jolie, file dans la nuit
My pretty, my so pretty, girl in the night

Au premier fer que tu mettras
With the first iron which you will put
Mon bon père, il va t'appeler
My good father, he will call
Au premier clou que tu poseras
With the first nail which you will pose
Il va t'appeler "mon père"
He will call "my father"

Qui est ce diable qui m'appelle père
Who is this devil which calls me father
Dis moi qui est-il sur le champ
Tell me who is in the field
C'est ta fille, ta chère fille Jeanne
It is your daughter, your dear daughter Jeanne
Ta fille, morte et enterrée
Your daughter, dead and buried

Dis moi, ma fille, qui t'a damnée
Tell me, my daughter, who your damned you
Là bas sur la lande et les blés
There low on the moor and in the wheat
C'est cet homme le long de la mer
It is a man along the sea
Chaque jour Il venait me trouver
Each day He came to find me

Prenez mon corps mon coeur et ma robe
Take my body my heart and my dress
Sous la lune il faut les brûler
Under the moon they should be burned
A la brune vous jetterez mes cendres
To the tide you will throw my ashes
Au vent, au vent vous les jetterez
To the wind, to the wind you will throw them

A big thanks once again to Micheline for the translation,
I hope you all enjoyed it

Wishing you cool breezes on warm summer days,

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