Saturday, October 31, 2009

4 O’clock on All Hallows' Eve

I give you, the whimsical plague rat.

The look was inspired by Emilie Autumn; in particular EA’s outfit in her performance of 4 O’clock. Of course, I ended up looking nothing like her! But I adore the outfit all the same.

These were made by Mel, my fellow folklore major. I love them. I want to wear them everyday. After seeing the polka dots on the headband, I tried to work more into the outfit...

...hence the white dots on my nails.

It was a rather relaxing night, watched Tower of Terror and gave out candy to the kids that came; there must have been maybe twenty of them. But Tower of Terror was a walk down memory lane. For many years, it was a tradition that at my birthday-sleepover, this movie would be watched. I had not seen it in years. But thanks to Crystal, I was able to watch it again.

And now it is November and I must say good bye. I shall see you all in a month. Why, you ask? Here is your answer.


  1. looking good Alice, luv the plaque doctors mask ,the whole outfit is fab :-)

  2. Thanks!
    Pity I wasn't able to wear it again this year, had some updates to the costume...
    Always next year ^w^