Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Frilly Rebirth; or How I discovered Lolita

During our last chat I went about the business of explaining, to the best of my ability, what lolita is. I do hope I have enlightened you on the subject. Was it your first time hearing about the fashion? If not, how did you learn about it? I’d like to know! Please leave me a message in the comments section. In the meantime, I would like to share how I discovered lolita.

It was during my first year (fall of 2007) at Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). A friend of mine introduced me to the band Malice Mizer, saying that I might like them. I did indeed. Visiting YouTube on my own time, viewing videos of the band, I was delighted by their outfits and costumes. In particular, what Mana wore (pictured below). Safe to say he is a topic all his own. Yes, that's right, I said him not her. But that is another story for another time. (Photo from Avant Gauche)

But if you are so intrigued, here are some links:
Wikipedia: Mana (musician)

Through some Google searches, I learned that the clothing he wore was called Gothic Lolita. Further searches lead me to the very links that I provided in my last post.

At first I was so excited to learn that this was not just some over the top coustume, but that it was a real fashion, worn by everyday people. But then I got “sticker shock”, when I visited the brand name clothing sites and looked at the prices. I then thought that wearing the fashion was out of the question. It was only when I discovered such sites as In the Starlight and Candy Violet that I felt hope. Perhaps this fashion was not so far out of my reach.

I also have to confess that for a long time, the Wonderland skirt by ITS was my dream skirt. It is a dream skirt no longer. It turned out to be my first purchase.

Now I feel like I’m in lolita for the American brands, not to mention the seamstress of egl. It is there clothing I am excited to wear, not brand. It will be a long while before I can even considering buying the brand name clothing from Japan. What with tuition to pay, being jobless and all that ;) Until then, I shall continue to admire it.

Hope you found some entertainment in my little ramble. And now, my question to you, how did you discover Lolita fashion?

Kindest personal regards,


  1. I live in st.John's newfoundland and have been into Lolita fashion for a few years now. Out of curiosity I searched the internet for a lolita community in my area. I came across your blog-spot page and saw that you went to MUN. I'm attending MUN this year. I was just wondering if you knew of any lolitas here in Newfoundland? Not many people here know of the fashion as far as I know, (and those who do relate it to fettishism and maid cosplay.)

  2. Hey Krysten,
    It's so nice to hear there's someone else from Newfoundland whose into lolita!
    No, from my searching of the interwebs & from dressing in lolita in the city, I have never come across any other lolitas. There have been many people who knew the name of the fashion and didn't associate the name with the novel, but I'm not sure how deep their understanding ran, like you said, many people associate it with cosplay, anime & such. Best of luck at MUN^^

  3. It's me again (I only recently made a blog here)!!
    It can be difficult sometimes being a lolita here. I generally dress in a casual-classic style (Very toned down), even then I get funny stares. Mostly people are nice, though.
    Getting lolita clothes is difficult too. I have found quite a few workable pieces in vintage stores, but I'm planning on buying some brand soon.
    I've had people tell me that I look cute, but I've also had them ask me if I was wearing a costume too haha.
    None of my friends really seem all that interested in the fashion,  so having a meetup, even with friends seems impossible.
    Thank you! I'll do my best!

  4. Agreed. No matter how toned down an outfit is people still seem to stare. I've never gotten any nasty comments. Many double-takes & chuckles, but mostly, the response has been very positive.
    Accessories, shoes, & such are generally easy to find, but actual lolita clothing is troublesome. Thank goodness for the internet! Being a "poor university student" & all I feel I can't justify buying brand yet. Most of my clothing has come from Western sellers like In The Starlight & Retroscope Fashions.
    None of my friends are into the fashion either, but luckily they don't mind being seen with my in public when I'm wearing it ;) It'd be nice to be in a bigger city someday that actually had a lolita community in it.

  5. Hey, I'm a Highschooler in st. Johns who's been into Lolita for about a month now. It's nice to know that there are other lolis here.
    Have you two been to Rosie the Rebel down town? They have a lot of Lolita-friendly dresses and coats, and they sell petticoats too :)

  6. I'm a lolita from Calgary, but I'll be coming to St Johns soon. Are either of you interested in a meetup?

  7. I suggest checking out the Newfoundland and Labrador Lolitas Facebook page A very active group that does meetups on a pretty regular basis ^^