Friday, April 30, 2010

How to be a (Newfoundland) Fairy


You want to be a fairy, do you? What sort of fairy? The beautiful ones found in literature or the tricky ones found in the hills? I am often caught off guard when people talk about fairies, saying they would like to be one, or that they find them beautiful, etc. I have to remind myself that there are different sorts of fairies, and people view them in different ways. Though I grew up in an area where there is not a fairy tradition, through my folklore classes, I have learned much about the fairy traditions that exist within my home province.

I wish to now give you a guide on how to be a particular type of fairy, a Newfoundland fairy. I got the idea for this entry after reading Ariel Grimm’s blog post How to Be a Real Fairy (Be sure to check out her website-blog, The Forest).

And so I give you the guide...