Monday, September 20, 2010

Music Monday: Blind Guardian's At The Edge Of Time

Hello and Good Monday to you, & welcome to another Music Monday!

Today we take a look at Blind Guardian’s latest album (which came out this summer) At The Edge Of Time. Take a look at the album preview below:

My favourite song from the album is “Curse My Name”

BG is a power metal band from Germany, & within the realm of power metal, they are one of the finest bands. With album titles like “Nightfall in Middle-Earth” & “Imaginations From The Other Side”, you can tell that their lyrics are fantasy filled. Their song’s subject matter has been inspired by the works to Tolkien to legends & myths. Their songs truly are epic

The band’s had a special place in my heart since I discovered them in my early high school days. When I got in high school, with the help of the internet, I began to discover music that I really liked. I no longer just listened to what all of my friends were listening to or what was on the radio or television. It was through BG that I discovered many other power metal bands & other types of metal as well, like symphonic metal. Yes, it was BG that helped me find my beloved Nightwish. But my love of Nightwish is another story for another day, they deserve a blog post all their own

How I originally heard of BG was through Neopets. Oh dear yes, Neopets. Does anyone else remember that site? The site provided me with much amusement in junior high When I was on the site, I was part of a guild that had a Middle-Earth theme. Very nerdy, I know, I loved it It was one of the members of the guild that brought up BG, mentioning the album Nightfall in Middle-Earth. I searched for the band, book-marking their homepage, but it was some time before I bothered to look for their music. But when I did, it was love at first sight,err,hearing

One of my all time favourite songs from the band is “The Bard’s Song-In The Forest”. The music video is simple, but the song is beautiful. It’s a crowd favourite when they play live. It’s amazing to hear concert recordings of the song; it’s all the more beautiful to hear the audience sing along. I highly recommend looking up such videos on YouTube.

Tomorrow will take us away
Far from home
No one will ever know our names
But the bards' songs will remain
Tomorrow will take it away
The fear of today
It will be gone
Due to our magic songs

Yes, I am getting very off topic here, considering this post is meant to focus on BG’s new album, but I cannot resist sharing old favourites of the band with you all

Another picture, which is of great amusement to me, I just have to share it with you. The title of the image is “Guardian's Real Audience”, & I believe that title to be true.

So my dear guests, what do you think? Are you a bit of a metalhead like myself? Or is metal not your cup of tea? What of BG’s lyrics/subject matter, does it intrigue all you fantasy inclined folk?

Stay Spooky,

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  1. Hey Alice , hadn't heard of BG before now but i'm quietly impressed now going to utube to check out some more tracks :-) i'm assuming you know of the band Nightwish if not you gotta totally check them out,just awesome, hope you home isn't getting to battered by the storms!

    Aaron-paul :-)

  2. Hi Aaron-Paul,
    Happy listening! BG are just awesome :) Oh yes, heard of Nightwish & enjoy them greatly, both their old & new songs.
    I survived the storm alright, power went but luckily I got it back again. Others in the city are not as lucky, they're still without power :\