Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday the 13th

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Hello dear guests!

Oh yes, today is the dreaded Friday the 13th!

I can’t say that I’ve ever had anything bad happen to me on Friday the 13th. In particular, I’ve thought of it as being quite the opposite. I remember one such Friday the 13th when I was very young (maybe in grade 7, or even in grade 6), I got to attend a free concert, got late night sundaes from McDonald’s, & had a friend sleep over (which was always a big deal for me, it was not common to have friends sleep over, my mom felt that there needed to be a special occasion for such an event).

More importantly, I’m fascinated by the beliefs held about this day, well beliefs in general really. Notice I said beliefs not superstitions. As one folklore professor said:

“Superstition is a dirty word, don’t use it.”

I ask that you please do the same. The word superstition comes off as being such a negative word. It brings to mind what many would consider silly. & even if what someone believes is silly & irrational to you, it doesn’t matter, it’s still that person’s beliefs, so please, be respectful.

If you want to learn more about the beliefs surrounding this day, I suggest you check out the article on Snopes, Wikipedia as well. There was also this article today in the Vancouver Sun.

Aside from the beliefs about the day, the one thing that comes to mind when I hear Friday the 13th is the films.

Confession time, I’ve never seen the original Friday the 13th films. I did however see the remake, in theatres no less. Funny story that, going to see the film, it was actually a date, a first date, oh yes, it made for a very interesting date night After agreeing to go see the film, it suddenly occurred to me what I had actually agreed to. I kept thinking, “what have I gotten myself into?!” But thanks to a certain gentleman caller, it was very enjoyable & I wasn’t scared at all, well, not too much.

& sorry to those who may not have appreciated the above image of the iconic mask. How do you all feel about Jason? Is he frightening to you? If so, my apologies. Let me make up for it!

Oh come on, that’s cute & you know it!

In other Friday the 13th related spooky-cute-goodness is this clip from Ruby Gloom, showing you how to avoid bad luck:

There’s also a whole Friday the 13th themed episode of Ruby Gloom, Disaster Becomes You:

But if you ask me, the real nasty day of the year would be February, Monday the 13th

Mondays are, well, Mondays, need I say more? & February is such a dreary month. You’ve got the dreaded Singles Awareness Day (also known in some cultures as Valentine’s Day), & then there’s all the snow, except by this time, it’s all slushy & dirty, & the sidewalks aren’t cleared, & well, you get the point...

But luckily, February is very far away, so let’s not think anymore about, shall we?

Stay Spooky,

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