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Music Monday: Water for Elephants trailer music

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Circus Vargas 2011

Hello and Happy Music Monday to you!

I’m over the moon about this. Originally this post was meant to be more of me asking you to help me find out something but now it’s completely about me sharing amazing music with you. Allow me to explain...

Back in December the trailer for Water for Elephants came out. The title was not unknown to me. I had not read the novel but I had heard praise for it. However the plot never interested me, so I never investigated further. Even after watching the trailer, the story itself didn’t interest me (and maybe seeing Robert Pattison was a turn off as well ), but for me, I have a very nostalgic feeling when it comes to circuses, and would perhaps watch the movie just for that. But it was the music used in the trailer that caught my attention.

Here’s the trailer for the film:

The first song starts at about 0:27 and the second at about 0:57.

It was not too difficult to find out what the first song was. It’s “Song For Jesse” by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. It was part of the soundtrack for the film The Assassination of Jesse James.

But what everyone was dying to know was the second song? The question of what this song was got asked numerous times on Yahoo Answers as well as on the comment pages of YouTube videos of the trailer.

Some speculated that it was music for the film and had not yet been released. This was not the case because the song was used in the American trailer for Ponyo (the song starts at about 0:22), so the song had already been released.

It was YouTube channel TrailerMusicLabel who posted a teasing video showcasing part of the song. And just last week, they posted the full song. I hope they know how happy they’ve made people

It seems the composer’s name is Franois Paul Ache and the song is “Chimerical Dream”. Can’t seem to find out anything about Ache, but searches for his name connect him with the trailer.

And so here it is, after much searching by countless people, here it is:

It’s a very magical song, so soft and gentle, music for fairies, music to dream by. And when listening to it, you can’t help but think of the trailer and images of circuses pop into your head. Yes, there is much negativity connected with circuses, but let’s leave that topic for another time, shall we?

Stay Spooky,
Alice Grimm

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