Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fairytale Tuesday: Beastly

Happy FairyTale Tuesday!

Originally I was going to talk to you today about the latest Chronicles of Narnia film to hit theatres, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but instead we’ll be looking at another film which I have wanted to talk about for some time, an up coming film, Beastly.

Here’s the trailer:

For some further explanation, here’s the plot synopsis from Dread Central:

Kyle Kingson (Alex Pettyfer) has it all – looks, intelligence, wealth, and opportunity – and a wicked cruel streak. Prone to mocking and humiliating “aggressively unattractive” classmates, he zeroes in on Goth classmate Kendra (Mary-Kate Olsen), inviting her to the school’s extravagant environmental bash. Kendra accepts, and, true to form, Kyle blows her off in a particularly savage fashion. She retaliates by casting a spell that physically transforms him into everything he despises. Enraged by his horrible and unrecognizable appearance, he confronts Kendra and learns that the only solution to the curse is to find someone that will love him as he is – a task he considers impossible.

Repulsed by his appearance, Kyle’s callous father banishes him to Brooklyn with a sympathetic housekeeper (LisaGay Hamilton) and blind tutor (Neil Patrick Harris). As Kyle ponders how to overcome the curse and get his old life back, he chances upon a drug addict in the act of killing a threatening dealer. Seizing the opportunity, Kyle promises the addict freedom and safety for his daughter, Lindy (Vanessa Hudgens), if she will consent to live in Kyle’s Brooklyn home. Thus begins Kyle’s journey to discover true love in this hyper-modern retelling of the classic “Beauty and the Beast” story.

The film is based on a book of the same name by Alex Flinn. I have yet to read the book but plan to when I get the chance. My knowledge of the book mainly comes from the book review by Melina Pendulum on her Live Journal.

So what does this book (and thus the movie) have to offer us? It is after all based on a fairytale that we all know so well. Melina says in her review, “We know how this story goes and honestly, other than the modern update Beastly doesn’t do anything special. It is a note for note retelling of a story we all know by verbatim.”

And what about the beauty character in the book? “...our beauty is a shy, sweet, book smart, average looking girl named Lindy. Lindy's appearance is the only thing that separates her from “Beauties” of past. With her red hair, freckles, green eyes and crooked teeth, she would have never been the Beast's ideal in his past life.”

Wait a moment, that doesn’t quiet sound like the character Vanessa Hudgens is portraying in the film... Oh dear. Melina ends her review on this note, “There is a movie adaptation of Beastly coming out and since Vanessa Hudgens is playing Lindy, I guess the moral of the story was lost in production.” Melina gives the book a final grade of C+ and if you’d like to read her full review, you can check it out here.

What do you think about the film my dear guests? Have any of you read the novel? Do you think you’ll go see the film in theatres? I’m a great lover of the Beauty and the Beast story, so of course, I’m looking forward to it. And I have to be honest it feels like ages since I saw an Olsen twin in a film, so I can’t lie, I’m excited to see Mary-Kate on the big screen again. What can I say? The twins were part of my childhood.

So, what else can you expect from The Grimm Tea Party this week? On Friday we’ll be having our first Freaky Friday where we’ll talk about Beastly once more, specifically how the Beast in the film looks like, and how I’m a little disappointed. Yes, as an admirer of the grotesque, I’m a little under-whelmed. I’ll show you some “beasts” that are in no way under-whelming.
And tomorrow on Wednesday, we have a guest post!

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  1. I remember hearing about this film a while back... I would like to see it when it comes out on dvd, and although I have never read the book I am very dissapointed in the casting choice. As a redhead, i would have preferred seeing one on screen because it helps me relate to the character. And that guy isn't ugly enough, he just looks like a skinhead!

  2. Agreed! Would it have been that difficult to have gotten Ms. Hudgens a smashing red wig? *shakes head*
    And also agreed about the guy, it's like the girl says in the trailer, "I've seen worst," and most of us have! He just looks like someone with an alternative lifestyle, but maybe that's what he (the beast character) finds truly ugly, which is sad.